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School Uniform

We are a school that requires all students to wear a uniform and we do it very well.  All uniform is available to purchase from our school canteen.

It is valuable to consider - why wear a uniform?  There are a number of powerful reasons.

We are all seen as equal:  All people judge others by their appearance.  They develop expectations of them and react accordingly.  The wearing of uniform means that people are not misjudged as individuals and learns by something as superficial as the clothes they wear.

No competition:  The forces of fashion are very strong.  Without a uniform, many students would compete in a costly exercise.  The winners would be those who could afford it.  This would divide our school.

We are all members of the one community:  By wearing uniform we identify as one group rather than lots of small groups.  One reason gangs have not become a major problem in Australia is because our school students wear uniforms.

Safety:  Uniforms help us make our school safe.  We can more easily identify people who should not be within the school and who could place students at risk.  We can also identify you more easily if you need assistance because your uniform says you are one of us.

Members of team:  We all enjoy and take pride in being part of a successful team.  The community recognises and supports us in wearing our school uniform with pride.

But we are individuals:  We can express our individuality in a variety of ways, through our achievement and contribution in academic, sporting, musical, social, technological and creative aspects of school life!